CEX.IO Trading Platform Script

CEX.io Trading Platform Script

Pricing- $300
Installation charge $50

Payment After installation

Demo live
Username: [email protected]
Password: 123456
Need to customize

CEX io Script- This Cryptocurrency trading platform Script will allow you to make your own platform like CEX.io You can provide all the Services to your customers, You can create as many as services & packages according to your expertise, this is a completely elegant Platform

All-in-one solution for reselling or providing Script

Features in a Word:

User Interface for your customers: Where they can place orders, see orders history, add funds to balance, submit support tickets, etc.

Accept online payments: Seamlessly get p a y m e n t with Bit-coin, and other alter coins

Powerful admin dashboard: Manage unlimited users, services, orders, tickets. review stats. change currency And many more.

User API: Easy-to-integrate API for your customers. ( Multiple API providers/suppliers supported)

Multi-language and Multi-Currency: Multiple language and Multiple currency at the same website.

User Feature’s
➤ Fully Responsive.
➤ FREE Signup & Easy Login System.
➤ Manual Trading Interface
➤ Fresh and Clean Dashboard.
➤ Drip Feed Features
➤ Quick Click Deposit p2p
➤ Order History.
➤ Easy to Order.
➤ Built in API for customers.
➤ Multi-language and Multi-Currency.

Admin Feature’s
➤ Easy Setup & Site Management.
➤ Easy to Add New Coin
➤ Service Edit & Category Edit Facility.
➤ One Click Service List.
➤ Order Update System.
➤ Balance Deposit Management.
➤ Control Users (Delete and Add Balance Manually)
➤ Control Orders Automatically and Manually
➤ Send Orders to Other Reseller Panel with API Integration.
➤ Order Management System Automatic Through API or Manually.
➤ Currency Management System.
➤ Multiple API Management System.
➤ Different Prices for Different Users

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